In our industry there are many different names and search strings for the products we manufacturer and design.
We provide bespoke casing for export packing and export packaging but we also provide Timber / Plywood Cases and Crates.

Customers often refer to them as;

1. Wooden boxes,
2. Timber boxes
3. Export cases
4. Wooden crates
5. Timber cases
6. Plywood cases
7. Protective cases
8. Export boxes
9. Wooden Cases

To help you what you maybe looking for, we have put them into a glossary of our products with associated pictures below:

A Case

“A container or box for storing things in” – Cambridge On-line Dictionary

A case can be provided in either full timber or half timber with plywood base, sides and lid.

ISPM15 Timber Case

ISPM15 Timber Case

ISPM15 Timber and Plywood Case

ISPM15 Timber and Plywood Case

A Crate

“A slatted wooden case used for transporting goods” – Oxford Online Dictionary

Crates are typically best known for transporting fruit, specifically bananas. Although these crates are typically built to support a light product or item, crates built by ourselves are all built from ISPM15 timber. The main reason for the crates we build are:

1. Relatively low cost compared to full a full case
2. Weight – much lighter than a full case
3. Visability of the packed product.

ISPM15 Timber Crate

ISPM15 Timber Crate

A Box

“A container with a flat base and sides, typically square or rectangular and having a lid” – Oxford Online Dictionary

A Box is a either a case or a crate and can be built out of full timber or plywood. We have the ability to provide a case or crate with hinged or bracketed lids or sides. This is typical for storage containers.

Man UTD Packed Shirt with Hinged Lid

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