Woodland Export Packaging in the community – Sale Art Zoo

The bulk of our clients are industrial export companies, but every now and again, we get an unusual request. The Sale Art Zoo is a community event in our home-town of Sale in Greater Manchester, run by the charity Two by Two.
Sale Art Zoo

Public Art Sculpture Plinths

Two by Two asked Woodland to help with the installation of their fibreglass zoo animal sculptures. Each required a bespoke sized plywood case for each individual animal to fix to, creating an 8 week outdoor public art display in Sale.
Sale Art Zoo

With special requests such as these, we are happy to advise on the best construction, size and weight to keep the animals secure in an outdoor public setting.
The plinths are filled with sand bags to weigh them down, and also sanded, stenciled and treated with weather resistant fire-retardant.
Sale Art Zoo


Large ‘Elephant Crate’ Exhibition Installation

Our timber and plywood crates, lend themselves well to the aesthetics required by Two by Two. Mimicking an elephant crate, this installation contains an exhibition about the Sale Art Zoo project, and is also an eye catching piece in itself, drawing the public into the Sale Art Zoo exhibition about Chester Zoo founder, George Mottershead.
Sale Art Zoo

The crate is fitted with lockable double doors, waterproof roof, treated with fire retardant, and again stenciled.

Working in the community

It’s a pleasure to give back to our community, and Two by Two have engaged so many people and local companies, approximately 5000 school children have decorated 38 life-sized animal sculptures. It’s great to see them enjoying Sale. And for us, Sale Art Zoo is definitely one to remember.
Sale Art Zoo

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