Oil and Gas

We have extensive knowledge and years of experience to cater for the packaging requirements for many leading suppliers to the Oil and Gas Industry across the World. Many of our clients provide industrial machinery and components that need to be delivered on time and at short notice to cater for the demands of Oil.

Our bespoke cases and crates provide ideal packaging for heavy industrial machinery, industrial pumps and parts, fire hoses and fire suppression equipment.

Many products that are provided though our customer base to the Oil industry include electrical components. Electrical components, like switching gear and circuit boards, can easily become corroded in transit especially by Sea Freight. This happens in particular when products are not packed correctly and do not have vacuum or foil bag protection.

This particularly applies to our customers that provide products and components to oil refineries and oil riggs in the North Sea.

With Woodlands being located adjacent to major motorway routes in the North West make it ideal for delivery and access for our off-site packing services to be provided.

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