We specialise in making bespoke plywood and timber cases for many glass manufacturers, distributors and glass merchants’ through-out the Uk. Our clients supply a large variety of customers throughout the UK which include products which vary from Commercial Glass, Borosilicate Glass, Toughened Glass, Laminated Glass, Glass Fibre, Optical Glass and Sealing Glass.

Our case design and selection of timber / plywood largely depends on the type of glass being transported and where it is being transported to.

Within the UK automotive industry there are 20,000 windscreens replaced on vehicles every year. We are proud to be able to cater for our customers’ needs by providing them with secure and shock resistant cases that allow them to transport glass with no fractures or breaks. We can provide Timber and Plywood Cases either fully constructed or flat-packed for clients to pack themselves or we can pack either on-site at there premises or ours. Please read our blog on one of our most recent case studies – Case Study June 2014

75% of the orders we actually we provide glass packaging for is exported outside of the UK with the majority by Sea Freight. The remaining 25% is generally for clients that wish to transport glass through out the UK and Ireland for various purposes. We also have experience in packing Annealed Glass, Toughened Glass, Laminated Glass, Coated Glass and Patterned Glass.

Our team of experts are here to answer your queries or questions for any of your glass packaging needs. Please contact Woodlands on 0161 876 0676.

Glass Packing Services for Shatterscreen.
Bespoke Glass Packing
Date Published: 06/22/2014
Woodlands have been packaging glass for us, a very fragile product, for years. A first class service, trusted and reliable. Can't speak highly enough of the team, especially Joseph, no job too big or small. Great service!! Thanks, Max Shatterscreen
5 / 5 stars

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