All of our ISPM15 Timber / Plywood cases and crates are cut and built within our factory as standard. Almost 80% of the cases we provide are fully assembled however we can also prepare your cases as Flat Packed.

Some clients that have the capability to physically construct timber and plywood cases themselves, but do not have the in-house skills, regulatory requirements, specific machinery or relationships with timber merchants to build ISPM15 cases, then we can provide such a service.

Assembling of cases and crates is relatively straightforward as we mark the cases appropriately. We can also provide additional batons and packing material to help you securely pack the contents before transit / export.

Below are some benefits of our Flat Pack service:

  • The ability to deliver a higher volume of cases in one delivery due to reduced space
  • Cheaper to deliver terms of the volume being able to be delivered is higher
  • Allow you to potentially hold stock of your most common case requirement
  • Gives you the flexibility to pack your products within your own environment

As part of our Flat Pack service we also provide Off-Site packing. Off-Site packing is a service that enables us to pack your product on-site in your / clients premises. We have an experienced team of packers that can offer advice on-site or packing on-site.

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