Woodlands Bespoke Export Packing

When dealing with products and manufactured goods that are a non-standard size, we can provide effective bespoke Export Packing and Export Packaging designs for any type of product regardless of dimensions. We have a full in-house consultation service available, catering for all types of packing jobs required by our clients.

Typical bespoke export packing solutions that we provide to our customers generally range to products and manufactured goods that are generally large in size and large in mass. Our expertise has led us to work and be part of multi-million pound projects that include the safe storage and packing of dismantled electrical power stations throughout the UK.

We also provide regular consultation services to the manufacturing and construction industry and provide specialise advice on the packing of high grade pharmaceutical machinery that is exported world-wide.

Our Export Packaging and Bespoke Export Packing Service generally falls into two categories; On-Site Packing and Off-site Packing.

Off-Site Packing (At Woodlands HQ)

Whether your product is to be delivered within the UK or internationally, we have crane facilities and fork lift truck machinery to cater for your every need. Once your product is delivered to our factory we can start the implementation of our designs and consultation to securely protect your goods in transit.

Depending on the type of product we are packing and where that product is to be exported, we can provide our expertise to advise how and why your product should be packed to ensure the safest delivery possible.

We pack our clients products within our HQ in Manchester on a daily basis. With our machinery close to hand we can easily build and design effective packaging solutions for your products in a quick timely fashion. Upon delivery of a clients product we:

  • 1. Store securely in our factory.
  • 2. We take full HD photographs of the product before (and after) we begin to pack and provide this inventory to clients.
  • 3. Weigh and Measure the products.
  • 4. Build the appropriate case dependant on weight, size and destination.
  • 5. Pack the product securely using bespoke batons and shockproof foam / rubber.

On-Site Packing (Your Premises)

If your product cannot be delivered to our site then we can send the team to you. We have a remote team that can deliver the cases Flat-Packed to site and begin the packing process with you or on your clients premises. We can provide remote installation, Blue Liner, Vacuum Packing, Foil Bag Protection and Shrink Wrapping all On-Site at your premises.

If you have the capability to pack yourselves but need additional advice from our experience, we can arrange for one of our design and packing engineers to be available On-Site for you.

We provide Bespoke Export Packing both On-Site and Off-Site to a mixture of different industries and markets in the UK. Click on one of the links below for more specific information for that industry.

Aerospace Industry
Oil and Gas Industry
Plant Removal and Construction
Glass Manufacturers
Fire Protection Manufacturers
Industrial Pump Manufacturers
Removals and Haulage

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Woodlands Export Packing Benefits

1. Very Fast Quote response
2. Quick and reliable team
3. In-house CAD design team
4. Fully accredited ISPM15 compliant
5. Expert Packers with 75 years of experience
6. Centrally located in the UK
7. Delivery service available

Woodland Export Packaging provided Malcolm with export packing of computer hardware and servers into Europe. The products were transported by air freight so we had to provide a light case but enough to protect delicate electrical components. We provided plywood flight cases with anti-static foil bag protection so secure the products.
Bespoke Export packing
Date Published: 06/22/2014
The team at Woodlands have been excellent. We re-located Computer Hardware and servers into Europe and needed to use an experienced packing company. Woodlands packed our services on-site and we delivered to our European Data Site with no problems, Thanks Malcolm.
5 / 5 stars

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