Engineering and manufacturing companies in terms of them both including the design and build of a particular product or component. We provide many precision engineering organisations throughout the Uk and Europe that operate in many different sub industries worldwide. Some of the industries we cater for include:

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Agricultural Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Marine Engineering

We provide standard and bespoke cases that can vary in size exponentially. Many of our engineering and industrial partners have different needs and requirements depending on what they are packing, where they are sending to, and the volume needed. At woodlands we understand most of these needs and can provide excellent expertise in this market.

We also understand that every engineering company is different and the range of engineered products can also be different in terms of size, weight and volume. Generally most of solutions for engineering organisations are dealt with under our Bespoke Packing process but below are a couple of sub-sectors that we deal with.

Aerospace Engineering
Fire Protection Technology


The majority of clients that use timber and plywood cases are from the Manufacturing industries. We deal with such a wide of range of manufacturing industries throughout the UK and Europe. From small Electronic Manufacturers and Aerospace to Agriculture and Textile.

We understand as a small business how important it is to service clients correctly and that the ‘product’ is of the up-most importance. By choosing Woodland Export Packaging as your partner, you will have piece of mind knowing that we have vast experience with dealing with other Manufacturing sectors in the UK. We understand how to help you choose the right packaging for you and your client.

Unfortunately not all products designed and built are of equal proportion or symmetrical. Packing a product so no damage is incurred in transit is a specialist project. At Woodlands we have the knowledge of how to pack you products On-Site at your premises or Off-Site at our site in Manchester

Below are three examples of some of the Manufacturing sub-sector Industries we deal with:

Glass Manufacturers
Industrial Pumps
Fire Protection Technology





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