Timber Cases

Our Timber cases also known as wooden boxes are designed for heavier, larger consignments, requiring good protection in transit. Constructed from ISPM15 Compliant softwood, we can provide very quick high quality turn around for most size cases. With the option for blue lining, this helps protection of any water based substances. For goods which are of considerable weight, there is an option for us to manufacture a stronger base capable of withstanding machinery which is very heavy.

We design and build all of our cases in our Manchester factory and they are all made to measure to suit your requirement. We have the potential to store cases locally within our factory if needed. If customers wish to use us for storage or keep an emergency stock level of timber cases for emergency purposes then we can accommodate that requirement. This complimented with our own delivery service makes us the first choice to many of our customers. All Timber cases are available with Blue Liner, Vacuum Packing, Foil Bag Protection and Shrink Wrapping

timber case

Timber Cases and Timber Crates are the most common products that we supply to the UK and EU market. We can provide recommendations from our experience of what you will need to pack and export your product to its desired location. All of our cases are ISPM15 compliant. Please contact the team on 0161 876 0676 for further assistance.

Timber Crates

Our ISPM15 Timber crates are less common than fully enclosed cases but are ideal for products that are being exported in containers or air freight. The container will add a further level of protection meaning crates are ideal. Clients that wish to transport by air freight means that the lower total weight of the consignment is reduced when compared to Timber Crates.

Timber Cratees are still Constructed from ISPM15 timber but we will generally blue line them to reduce exposure to weather. On a like for like size, crates are cheaper because less timber is used and they are constructed slightly quicker.

Timber Crates are used by several different industry sectors that we currently supply: Food Packaging, Engineering and Aerospace.

Please feel free to contact one of the members of the team on 0161 876 0676. All Timber Crates are available with Blue Liner, Vacuum Packing, Foil Bag Protection and Shrink Wrapping


Malcolm Naylor from Serif Systems contacted Woodlands because he needed help with export packing some of there customer and own computer equipment into Europe. We advised on Plywood Case design with anti-static protection and foam packing materials. We delivered flat-packed on-site and packed the goods in from of the customer.
ISPM15 Timber Cases
Date Published: 06/10/2014
The team at Woodlands have been excellent. We re-located Computer Hardware and servers into Europe and needed to use an experienced packing company. Woodlands packed our services on-site and we delivered to our European Data Site with no problems, Thanks Malcolm.
5 / 5 stars

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